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Creative CV

We work with the best Ship-owners Company and Ship operators in Europe and Asia, America. In the new conditions on the market of services for sending sailors to the Vessel of our Ship-owners, operational information is required and requested. This information may only be provided if there is a clearly completed Application List. This amount is intended for the promotion of seafarers in the Companies of Ship-owners and ship operators and designed for full-fledged site work. After filling out our form CV, you get:

creative CV of international standard

  • You can download your CV in Pdf form
  • You can edit and supplement your CV from anywhere in the world.
  • Your documents will be displayed on the website, which will confirm your competence.
  • You can get your individual account and code to your Ship/owner for business relation.

all Ship/owners have access to your crew, which allows you to quickly and make a functional choice and hire sailors on the best ships in the world so in the future you will be able to regulate information about your presence at sea or readiness for work and a new position.

Sending to companies

Your CV which you have already activated will be available to Ship/owners. In the presence of a job he will consider your candidacy. Our HR managers whose work is to promote your candidacy in the global labor market will help you to contact major Ship/owners

Finding Seafarers

We are ready to cooperate! We invite competent and professional sailors who want to work. To do this, you must register on our website and fill out a CV.


To register, click Register as seafarer
To fill in the CV, click on Creative CV.

Good luck!

Add job

Here we will post our vacancies for you. At the moment, follow our Facebook page where we will be posting available vacancies.